Click2Refer Virtual Dictionary

Click2Refer Virtual Dictionary helps your blog readers to easily refer Wordnet English dictionary.

Please double click on any word on this page to find out how click2refer works !!!


The idea behind this Click2Refer tool is that, your blog will be included with this tool on all your posts & pages. Thereby when readers of your blog double click on any word, a floating window will pop in to your blog post or page. The meaning of the English word will be fetched from the Click2Refer server and displayed on the small window.  Quite simple, isn’t it ?   Give a try !!

               Major advantages of this WordPress plugin are listed below,

    1. Readability of your blog can be improved.
    2. Non-English readers will find it easy to refer.
    3. Readers need not switch between windows or tabs to get the reference.
    4. The total size of the plugin loaded into blog is less than 90 KB.
    5. Plugin is cached by all browsers, so blog readers will find it loaded quickly when they make successive visit in your blog.


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